What is Medical Deep Tissue?
Medical Deep Tissue is a new form of medical massage therapy developed by Dr. James Macie DC, LMT. As Dr. Macie advanced through his education and clinical years, he noticed patients seeking an alternative route to drugs, and surgery for various musculoskeletal conditions. He believed there was a need for a manual therapist who would have the education and clinical skills to address patients’ structural dysfunctions. He has combined a multitude of hands-on techniques with the latest research in manual therapy to create a revolutionary new approach. It is an outcome based therapy for the assessment, management, and treatment of musculoskeletal pain, injury, and structural dysfunction. An outcome based treatment is one that has been designed specifically for an individual patients needs. Every mdt technique is designed to create a desired physiological effect, and is based on a thorough structural assessment. Medical deep tissue sessions differ from treatment to treatment based on the therapists’ previous findings, present findings, and new patient input. Therapist that have devoted their time to this form of training/therapy are typically massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractor who have vowed to stay present in the latest advancements in manual therapy.

How might mdt assist my body in healing itself?
The results of mdt vary with every patient. Deep tissue techniques when performed by trained therapist have been shown to:
1. Relieves musculoskeletal pain (1)
2. Increase soft tissue fluid flow (blood and lymph) (2)
3. Normalize biomechanics and joint function (3)
4. Reduce scar tissue/adhesions and muscular tightness (3)
5. Assist in neurological and immunological function (4)
6. Stimulate cellular and tissue repair (4)
These results have consistently been demonstrated in our Structural Release Clinic, and
previously documented in various research journals. These and other articles can be
viewed in our mdt references section.

How much does mdt cost?
Due to the therapists’ level of education, length of one-on-one therapy time, and the physical work involved in a mdt session, the typical first session cost between $75 and $125.
Follow-up sessions usually range from $40-$60 per 30 minutes. For those patients that have a
flexible insurance plan, a percentage of your fees may be reimbursed by submitting a detailed invoice (with CPT codes) to your insurance carrier. This invoice can be prepared by your therapist. For more information on insurance coverage, please check with your insurance carrier and the mdt therapist before you begin your mdt sessions.

How do I find a mdt therapist?
Presently we have just begun training therapists in our NY Structural Release Center. Only therapists that have been trained directly by Dr. James Macie are certified in the mdt therapy. All therapists must attend 100 hours of classroom/clinical instruction, submit samples of their clinical work for approval, and pass a written/hands-on examination in order to receive certification. You can check on your therapists’ level of education, or find a new therapist in our mdt Therapists section. If your therapist isn’t trained yet, and has a strong interest in medical massage, we ask you to refer them to our site so they can join the mdt team.